Noosician’s 1 Year Money Back Guarantee


If you were left dissatisfied with your purchase of Noosician’s® Master, Perform, or Sleep supplements, you may return the product to us within 1 year of your order date.

To help us continue to improve what we do, all we ask is when you send our customer service department an email requesting a refund, you state why you felt dissatisfied.

This is a no questions asked policy and whatever you write as your reason will not affect our promise of refunding you.

Offering a refund however does cost us money and so your insights into why you were not completely blown away with either our service or products really helps us to improve – and keep prices lower.


To activate the refund clause and return a product please follow these steps:

  1. To claim your refund, please email and let us know why you wish to return your order. 
  2. Within 24 hours (business days) you will receive instructions from a Customer Service team member on how to return your order. 
  3. Refunds are for 100$ of the purchase price, but exclude any shipping costs.
  4. To qualify for your refund you will be required to send back all unopened bottles to us. 
  5. It is wise to send your bottles to us with a tracking number. We cannot be held responsible for any returned order that does not reach us. A tracking number ensures we always receive your package and can process your refund. 
  6. The cost of shipping the unwanted bottles to us is the responsibility of the customer.
  7. If you order two or more bottles of the same product, the money back guarantee policy only applies to one opened bottle, and any remaining unopened bottles. We expect you to know if our products are working for you or not within 30 days and see no need for both bottles of the same product to be opened if a customer is truly not experiencing immediate improvements to focus and attention levels. 
  8. Therefore, your refund on multiple purchases work as following:
    • Example 1: If you purchased 6 bottles of one product and only opened one bottle, you would qualify for a refund for the full purchase price of 6 bottles.
    • Example 2: If you purchased 6 bottles of one product and open two bottles, you would qualify for a refund for the full purchase price of 5 bottles (the first opened bottle and the four unopened). The second opened bottle would not qualify for a refund.
  9. ‘Full purchase price’ is that that you paid after any applied discounts.
  10. You can expect your refund within 48 hours of us receiving your returned bottles.
  11. An ‘unopened bottle’ only wualifies as an unopened bottle if the neck seal and bottle seal are both still intact and unbroken. 


For further enquiries, take a look at our FAQ’s section in the menu above. 

The Customer Service email is: