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MASTERTM – Accelerated Learning + Memory Support Supplement

Designed to make productive, creative, and memorable music study sessions, lessons, and performances.
A Complex Nootropic formula delivering nutrients for Neurotransmitter support when learning and recalling information.

PERFORMTM – Performance Anxiety + Focus Support Supplement

Formulated to calm nerves, enhance focus, and ensure you are at your very best when performing – be that on stage, in the studio, or at home.
A High Quality Anxiolytic supplement delivering calming Nootropics to calm Adrenal levels to aid nerves and focus.

SLEEPTM – Deep Sleep + Recovery Support Supplement

Designed to relax brain activity and high focus levels for a sound nights sleep – be that after a gruelling practice session, Jam night, or Arena gig!
A soothing natural herbal formula delivering nutrients for blissful relaxation and sleep. Switch off fast and wake rejuvenated.